Think epic, GO EPIC.

Complete Classic Systems - PRO SC-SLC

Present an EPIC cinema experience just about anywhere with our PRO Classic SC-SLC complete system which has everything required for just bring the audience! Includes one of our pro classic SlimLine™ screens, which have been leading in the sealed-air inflatable industry for over 10 years, a quality Sound System, HD Projector as well as all small electronic components & cables, including our pre-wired PRO Showcase™ console w/T-stand, 5" Preview Monitor, Blu-ray Player, Mixer, Power Conditioner & Microphone.

*If you are considering any pre-connected AV system, make sure you receive cutting edge technology within budget.

2018 Complete System PRO

Looking for an even more EPIC Setup? Inquire about our new EPIC Premier Screen Kits and Complete Packages! 


The Classic System Package is available with DLP/LCD in 720p* and 1080p and includes:

One Classic Screen Kit: E-SL9, E-SL12, E-SL16, or  E-SL20
 Pro ShowCase A/V console (new and compact, but powerful)
 HD projector to match screen size (720p/1080p)
 Pair of High Quality 1000watt speakers, stands, speaker bags, cables.
 …and all accessories…even the extension cords & equipment Rock-n-Roller hand cart!

9’ X 5’
HD Widescreen

Up to 120 viewers

  • Pro HD 720p*
  • HD Premier 1080p

  • EMAX3D  1080p
    $ Call for Pricing

12’ x 6’-9"
HD Widescreen

Up to 220 viewers

  • Pro HD  720p *

  • HD Premier 1080p

  • EMax 3D  1080p 
    $ Call for Pricing

16’ x 9’
HD Widescreen

Up to 440 viewers

  • Pro HD 720p *

  • HD Premier 1080p

  • EMax 3D  1080p
    $ Call for Pricing

19’ x 10'-8"
HD Widescreen
Up to 1000 viewers

  • Pro HD 720p *
  • HD  Premier 1080p

  • EMAX3D
    $ Call for Pricing

*While supplies last

Upgrades available: LASER projector, larger sound systems with subwoofers. As well as our EPIC Extreme Premier Screens.