Epic brings innovative technology and low cost solutions to the professional AV market.

Over the years, Epic has established a reputation of delivering superior, dependable visual display solutions and providing unprecedented levels of customer service and support. We've learned the formula for providing our customers with the most reliable, innovative, and affordable solutions possible. From our product design to our leadership position in offering the latest in technology, we celebrate innovation.

Epic’s Slimline™ projection screens are unmatched in the industry. Sleek and attractive as well as functional and versatile, these projection screens can be utilized in many venues. Quick and easy to set up, there are no parts and pieces to loose, damage, or forget! No tools or hardware is needed and even the 11’ x 20’ screen can be set up by one person in 5 -10 minutes! 

The unique construction of Epic’s screens is the same as that used in inflatable boats, so you know it will hold up. After inflation with the 120V high pressure pump, simply remove the pump for completely SILENT operation. The frame can remain inflated for days if desired. Padded handles on each side allow for quick and easy positioning after inflation.

And best of all, after your event, the pump quickly deflates the screen, removing all air for easy and compact packing and storing.

Imagine…an 11 x 20 ft screen that is completely set up and ready to use in less than 10 minutes and can be used anywhere…now that is an innovative solution!