Kristen Walsh

Asst. Recreation Manager - Chatham Bars Inn Cape Cod, MA

”Being able to use Xbox Kinect on the inflatable screen is a huge plus to many kids that stay with us at our Resort. Not only can they have a poolside gaming challenge, but can see their photos displayed on a giant screen! Each night we use the screen seems to be special - whether it's wrapping up in blankets and watching a movie outdoors, or lounging in the pool on a float and participating in a video battle."

Jessica Grande

City of Los Angeles, CA

”Our first event we featured Monster, Inc.  Many families came and most invited friends. They were amazed at how big the screen was! It was a great opportunity for them to share family time, enjoy a kid-friendly movie, and just be able to relax under the stars. Everyone left with a smile, looking forward to another great movie event"

City of Los Angeles CLASS Parks Program

City of Los Angeles CLASS Parks Program

In the fall of 2010, the City of LA Parks Department purchased two 11' x 20' Epic complete cinema systems, along with two extra Epic 9' x 16' projection screens for their “CLASS Parks” (Clean And Safe Spaces) Program. The following report from the program coordinator outlines how their Epic equipment has enhanced their efforts in Elysian Valley, CA, a small community near Dodger Stadium.

"Our teen program was able to use the screen every Friday night during the spring months for their Teen xtreme Nights, which were implemented to keep the kids off the streets and engaged in positive activities. They used the system for a combination of both movies and video games."

"We love the EpiCenter Cinema System, not only for the ease of use, but also for what it brings to our sometimes forgotten community. We have seen a surge of new kids attending our daily activities and we have even experienced the mothers or caretakers becoming involved in what we are doing and taking a more active role in their community.”

Kelley Poole, Marketing and Special Events

City of St. Pete. Beach, FL - Dept. of Public Services / Recreation Division

"We have utilzed our Epicenter system for movies in the park, at the pool, for video games during Family Fun Nights, for power point presentations, and more.

The system has been a great asset to our Community Center, and has greatly enhanced our special events. The screen came personalized with our detachable logo, which is awesome for promoting our Center"

Kari Bowman

Recreation Program Manager, Kiawah Island Golf Resort

"This is the perfect screen for our programs."

Nick Wagner

Director of Recreation, Marco Island Marriott

"We are very impressed with your product.”

The screens allow us to host world class events with world class equipment. We have received nothing but the best feedback from clients who have experienced your product.

Our sales are sure to improve now that we are about to conduct events with your screens."

Gary Bleil

Director of Recreation, Omni Amelia Island Plantation

"The movie screen is easy to set up, use, and our guests enjoy their experience."

Kirkwood McKenzie

Activities Director, Sheraton Cable Beach

We love it! My staff and I have found the screen and set up to be extremely manageable. The guests seem to be very excited every time we set up for a movie.

Jon Yamashiroya

Sheraton Maui

 “The equipment, screen, and materials included are top of the line quality products. The logo was a great personal touch.

The ease of set up of the screen is amazing... and takes only a few seconds to fully stand. The carrier bags were a great touch for the ease of storage and transfer of equipment from point to point..."

Sally Evans

Director of Fun, Sheraton Vistana Resort

“We are definitely enjoying our new equipment!

The guest comments have been “WOW – that screen is great!”

The great part is that we are able to offer more for our owners and guests due to owning our own equipment.”