5 Ideas for an Earth Day Celebration with Your Epic Outdoor Cinema Screen

March 27, 2023 by
Epic Team
Earth Day is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to celebrate the beauty and wonder of our planet. One great way to do this is by hosting an outdoor cinema event with your Epic Outdoor Cinema screen or complete cinema system.  Here are some ideas to help you plan an Earth Day celebration that is both fun and educational: Choose a nature-themed movie
  • To get in the spirit of Earth Day, choose a nature-themed movie that highlights the beauty of our planet. Some great options include documentaries like “Planet Earth” or “Our Planet,” or classic nature films like “The Lion King” or “Finding Nemo.”
Host an outdoor picnic
  • What better way to celebrate Earth Day than by enjoying a picnic in nature? Set up some blankets and pillows for your guests to lounge on, and serve eco-friendly snacks like fruit, vegetables, and reusable water bottles.
Decorate with natural elements
  • Incorporate natural elements into your decor to create a rustic and earthy atmosphere. Use potted plants, flowers, and tree branches to decorate your outdoor cinema area. You can also add some string lights to create a cozy and inviting ambiance.
Invite local environmental groups
  • Consider inviting local environmental groups to set up a booth at your Earth Day event. This is a great way to educate your guests on important environmental issues and encourage them to take action to protect our planet.
Host a post-movie discussion
  • After the movie, host a discussion to engage your guests in a conversation about the environment. Ask them to share their thoughts and ideas on how we can all work together to protect our planet.
Hosting an outdoor cinema event with your Epic Outdoor Cinema screen or complete cinema system is a fun and unique way to celebrate Earth Day. By incorporating these ideas, you can create an event that is both entertaining and educational, and that inspires your guests to take action to protect our planet.  Happy Earth Day!    

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Epic Team March 27, 2023
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