6 Advantages of Ditching the Constant Air Blower

July 17, 2023 by
Epic Team

Purchasing a no-constant air blower required screen from Epic Outdoor Cinema brings numerous benefits for your convenience. Some of these EPIC advantages include:

  1. Easy Set-Up: No constant air blower required screens result in an easy and quick setup process. You'll no longer have to deal with the noise, maintenance, or potential hazards associated with running an air blower throughout your movie experience.
  2. Portable and Convenient: By ditching the need for a constant air-blower, you can move around more freely than ever. Our insta-flated screens are designed to be easily portable. They are lightweight, easy to carry, and can be set up in any outdoor locations. What's more, whether you're hosting a backyard gathering, going on a camping trip, or organizing an event in a park, the ease of a no constant air blower required screen means you can enjoy a cinematic experience wherever you go.
  3. Versatile and Durable: Epic Outdoor Cinema's screens are built to withstand outdoor elements. Made from high-quality materials that are resistant to wind, rain, and UV rays, our screens guarantee durability and longevity. Additionally, without the need for electrical wires and a constant air blower, you can host movie nights in many different weather conditions without worry.
  4. Enhanced Viewing Experience: Epic screens provide a smooth and wrinkle-free surface, guaranteeing optimal image quality. With superior reflection and diffusion capabilities, our screens offer excellent visibility from various angles. Everyone gets to enjoy a clear view! In addition, our no constant air blower design also minimizes any potential distractions during your viewing. Enjoy an immersive and uninterrupted cinematic experience.
  5. Easy Maintenance: With a no constant air blower required screen, maintenance becomes hassle-free. You no longer need to monitor or adjust the air blower, saving time and effort. Even better, cleaning the screen is straightforward and simple, allowing you to quickly prepare for your next movie night.
  6. Cost-Effective: Investing in a no-constant air blower required screen from Epic Outdoor Cinema can provide long-term cost savings. Eliminating the need for electricity consumption associated with running an air blower continuously results in reduced energy costs. Additionally, the durability and reliability of the screens ensure a long-lasting investment that can be used for multiple events and seasons.

Choosing a  screen from Epic Outdoor Cinema offers unrivaled convenience, portability, and durability. Whether you're a film enthusiast, event organizer, or organization, this screen provides an efficient and user-friendly solution for hosting memorable outdoor movies and experiences. Elevate your outdoor cinema experience with Epic Outdoor Cinema's innovative insta-flated screen technology, and enjoy the magic of no constant air blower like never before.

At Epic Outdoor Cinema, we are passionate about creating unforgettable outdoor movie experiences. Our high-quality insta-flated screens, powerful sound systems, and state-of-the-art projectors are perfect for any event, from backyard movie nights to large-scale outdoor festivals. Our commitment to exceptional customer service ensures a hassle-free experience for every event, and our team of experts will work with you to choose the perfect setup for your specific needs. 

Visit our online Shop or contact us today at 1-888-699-EPIC (3742) to learn more about our screen and complete cinema system options to take your outdoor movie experience to the next level with Epic Outdoor Cinema.

Epic Team July 17, 2023
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