Happy Holidays from EPIC Outdoor Cinema!

December 23, 2018 by
Epic Team

Happy Holidays from EPIC Outdoor Cinema

Hello Holidays! We have been waiting for this season all year. More celebrations, time with those we love the most and gifts galore. It is also the perfect time to reflect upon all you have achieved and think about your goals for the year ahead. 

Looking back, we have had a lot to be proud of with the introduction of our new Premier screens, increasing our reach to every continent (except Antartica), and collaboration with many industry-leading event producers. Thanks to customers like you, from Parks & Recreation to luxury hotels world-wide, we are inspired to not only bring the best products but also stay connected as a valuable resource to your business. 

It brings us joy to help you provide EPIC experiences for your guests. How are you using #epicscreens to create the ultimate backdrop this holiday season? 

We would love to hear from you. Share how you #GoEPIC.
Epic Team December 23, 2018
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