Tips for Cleaning your Inflated Screen

March 23, 2020 by
Epic Team
When you factor in multiple use, weather, and natural elements of terrain, your EPIC screen can become soiled over time. We have good news! 

Our functional and versatile free standing projection screens are durable and easy to clean. Check out our tips below to help you keep every inch of your EPIC screen looking fresh and clean! 

Cleaning the inflatable PVC frame: The frame of EPIC screens are made of high quality materials, however we strongly advise against using harsh cleaners. A damp cloth can be used for touch up cleaning. However, should anything stronger than a damp cloth be required, use a product like  Vinyl Clean Plus. Silicone based products, such as Armor All are NOT recommended as they can make it impossible to patch the frame should a repair be required. 

  Cleaning the zip-in screen: Should the screen surface become soiled, the zip-in screen panel can be removed and machine washed, following these instructions: Machine Wash separately from any other garments or fabrics with cold Water Wash on gentle cycle and mild detergent.No Bleach.Tumble dry on low or no-heat setting. Always store the screen surface in its bag and never store them when wet or damp. 

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Epic Team March 23, 2020
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