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EPIC's unique inflated projection screens, paired with our plug-n-play ShowCase A/V consoles and quality speakers, are unmatched in the industry for quality and performance!

EPIC Outdoor Cinema is the leader in professional sealed-air, insta-flated screens and complete cinema systems.  

Present outdoor movies in the park, at the pool, or host a drive-in on the golf course...
EPIC's complete cinema systems provide the ultimate viewing solutions for any size audience.


fully in minutes


on the surface


frame to the ground


for showtime!

Epic Screens

For over a decade, Epic's SlimLine™ screens have been leading the industry with our free-standing & completely silent insta-flated, sealed-air design. 

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Epic Complete Systems

EVERYTHING required for setup is included- screen, projector, sound system, blu-ray console, microphone, and much more.    You just bring the audience! 

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All Epic Screens Feature

Sealed Air, Completely Silent After Inflation

Hot-air welded, triple-reinforced seams for an airtight frame that is completely silent after inflation. No need for constant air flow.

Quick, Easy Setup & Breakdown

All screens include a reversible pump to quickly inflate and deflate the screen in minutes, carry handles on the frame for easy placement and a heavy-duty carry bag for compact storage.

DualVista™ Machine Washable Surfaces

Front and rear projection, machine washable high quality surfaces with our QuickZip™ attachment to secure the surface to the frame

Professional Grade Free-Standing 

All screens feature a rubberized protection base and are capable of standing up to 25mph winds when properly anchored! Add a DualVista™ Mesh surface for windier conditions.

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